"Lifecycle is the new origin"



Arisense together with it's partners will bring easy to implement, install and scale modern IoT solutions also available to SMEs. We believe that the key promise of IoT lies in the capability to take the benefit of modern solutions with ease of implementation as well as making always the optimal hardware available for our customers.

We work on number of wireless IoT technologies with a special focus on RFID technology. We specialise in making assets smarter by introducing Asset Intelligence Platform concept to our customers and partners. This enables backend light solutions especially in the areas where multiple stakeholders are working with long lifetime assets. Some of the key applications are:

  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
  • Circular economy
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Critical inventory management
  • Anti counterfeiting and proof of origin
  • Radiation proof RFID, Gamma sterilisation, x-ray resistant

Let's discuss on how to make most of your assets throughout their lifecycle.